Winter soft wheat is the main grain crop of the Republic of Moldova.

Winter soft wheat is the main grain crop of the Republic of Moldova.

The first important aspect of obtaining high yields of marketable grain is determined by the quality of the seed. Quality seeds of high reproduction (elite) largely determine the yields of future years of each agricultural producer.


Good varieties and high-grade seeds are one of the most important factors in increasing yields and improving the quality of agricultural products. Not unreasonably a popular expression - "the variety decides the success of the business."


After all, it is not a secret for anyone that often wheat seeds of the following reproductions are used for sowing, or seeds with low varietal purity, or “surzhiks” - mixtures of different varieties or crops. Such an approach, even under the condition of high agricultural technology and a favorable climate, reduces the expected yield in advance.


There are several reasons for the deterioration of the quality of the seed used, including: mechanical impurities, splitting in heterogeneous varieties, the accumulation of unwanted mutations and biological contamination as a result of cross-pollination in arid conditions, as well as seeds of the elite of the varieties used with low varietal purity or low yielding qualities.


Most of the factors that reduce the quality of winter wheat seeds can be avoided by proper organization of production, but the initial key is still the sowing of elite seeds for their further reproduction in commercial crops of each farm.


In the autumn season of 2022, for the future harvest of 2023, Imexagro SRL offers, time-tested and weather-climatic conditions of the republic, high-quality winter wheat seed of the “National Grain Center named after. P. P. Lukyanenko, Krasnodar.


The range of released varieties was selected by Imexagro SRL specialists and includes the elite varieties with high potential: Alekseich, Bezostaya 100, Grom, Timiryazevka 150 and Elanchik.


Alekseich - a variety of "strong" wheat, awnless, mid-season, with increased resistance to drought. The yield is more than 8 t/ha (Cahul), the potential is up to 13 t/ha. The best start is at the beginning of the growing season. Suitable for late sowing. Seeding rate 3 - 4 million viable seeds per ha.


Bezostaya 100 - is a novelty, awnless mid-early wheat variety with exceptional baking performance! Increased drought tolerance and productive tillering. Seeding rate 4.5 - 5 million seeds/ha. It has a consistently high yield for ear and row crop predecessors, including grain corn.


Grom - a variety of "valuable" wheat of medium ripening, awnless. Increased resistance to extreme weather conditions. Consistent yields year after year. Created in a climate zone identical to that of the Republic of Moldova. Seeding rate 4 - 5 million seeds per ha.


Timiryazevka 150 - awnless wheat variety, medium ripening, medium height (70 cm), increased frost resistance, with excellent baking qualities! Seeding rate 3.6 - 4 million seeds/ha. Increased drought tolerance.


Elanchik - a new variety, early, awnless! Suitable for sowing in dry areas. Seeding rate 3.5 - 4 million seeds/ha. Included in the list of varieties of "strong" in terms of grain quality.


The company supplies seeds treated with powerful fungicidal and insecticidal protectants to guarantee 100% protection of your crops from all types of harmful objects.


In combination with a high farming culture, a set of measures to control harmful objects, high-quality seed material and scientifically based support by Imexagro SRL specialists, you are guaranteed to get a decent harvest with high varietal qualities at the level of world standards, which, no doubt, will only benefit domestic commodity grain producer.


Imexagro SRL – technologies of success!

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