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TEBAZ PRO - is an innovative Morphoregulator with powerful fungicidal action!

Success Products! Today we present a Success product for a profitable oilseed rape crop: TEBAZ PRO TEBAZ PRO - is an innovative fungicide with powerful fungicidal action!   Attract At


IMPORTANT: Monitoring and control of the rapeseed stem borer!

In the first days of spring, when the average daily air temperature is +6 to +9 °C, the wintering rape stalk garganey (Ceutorhynchus napi) and cabbage stalk garganey (Ceutorhynchus pallidactylus)



IMEXAGRO SRL organised a series of seminars with recommendations for the new season!

The start of the new season was marked by IMEXAGRO SRL with a series of seminars in different regions of the Republic of Moldova on: "Successful technologies for stress-free farmers in the 2023 s


A series of workshops on growing technologies for the 2023 season

Dear partners!   The weather outside as well as the lack of active work in the field still allows us to make plans for the new agricultural season 2023!   So, we are starting the


Status Grand and Status Flo - experts in grain protection!

It is calendar winter outside, but the lack of snow on the fields that are sown with wheat, winter barley and rape and on those that will be sown in a few months, is somewhat alarming. But as practice


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