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A series of workshops on growing technologies for the 2023 season

Dear partners!   The weather outside as well as the lack of active work in the field still allows us to make plans for the new agricultural season 2023!   So, we are starting the


Status Grand and Status Flo - experts in grain protection!

It is calendar winter outside, but the lack of snow on the fields that are sown with wheat, winter barley and rape and on those that will be sown in a few months, is somewhat alarming. But as practice


FANDAGA: a new barley variety with excellent quality characteristics and high yields!

Dr. Lissy Kuntze (head of breeding at Nordsaat, shareholder of SAATEN-UNION) points out that the excellent quality of this "high FAN" variety is confirmed by the CBMO (French Malting and Bre


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Partners! On the eve of the holy winter holidays, We send you our warmest wishes! May all the dreams you have made during these magical days come true and may the road you have travelled t


Cereal flies and their dangers!

Cereal flies are a serious problem during the early stages of winter wheat vegetation.   The main pest flies on cereal crops are: Swedish oat fly (Oscinella frit), barley Swedish fly (Oscin


Winter soft wheat is the main grain crop of the Republic of Moldova.

The first important aspect of obtaining high yields of marketable grain is determined by the quality of the seed. Quality seeds of high reproduction (elite) largely determine the yields of future year


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