About Us

Our Company "IMEXAGRO" SRL was founded in the year 2003.
“Imexagro” SRL is one of the largest operators in the market of seeds for agricultural crops, plant protection products, fertilizers and agronomic consulting in Moldova.

"IMEXAGRO" SRL is a distributor for such well-known companies, as:

"ZemlyakoFF", Russia; "August", Russia; "Fader Alliance", UK; "UPL" (Arysta Life), Belgium; "Saaten Union", Germany; "ICL", The Netherlands.

The products offered by “Imexagro” SRL provide protection for all crops grown in the Republic of Moldova.

Since 2003, the company has been developing dynamically - from the sale of individual technological products to the presentation of complex solutions to the problems faced by agricultural enterprises in the Republic of Moldova.

Having worked for more than 16 years in the Moldovan market as a distributor of raw materials, the company “Imexagro” SRL decided to expand and become closer to the agricultural producers.

This is how the inauguration of three agricultural technology centers "Land Protection" took place in Briceni, Cahul and Floresti.

The "IMEXAGRO" team represents specialists trained to provide the services that farmers need. The team is, in fact, people who strive to succeed by crossing any borders and obstacles, to bring success to agricultural farms in the Republic of Moldova

The main purpose of "Imexagro" SRL is to improve the efficiency of agricultural production processes, namely by introducing advanced technologies for the cultivation of agricultural crops, that allow the company's partners to obtain heavy and high yields, while ensuring careful attitude to the land and the environment.

IMEXAGRO grew up with our customers.

In our portfolio being agricoltors and farmers who, at the beginning of their activity owned a few hectares, and now process hundreds or even thousands of hectares of land.

Today we work with more than 450 farmers and we are grateful for their trust in Imexagro.

  • Progressive technology
  • Competent staff
  • Professional approach

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